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Families with their Pets

We recently had an opportunity to photograph an older Labradore with the two teenaged (young adults) members of the family.

Their mother's idea was to include her children and their dog in the photo shoot and to have the opportunity to get a few great photo's of the children, as other than some phone snaps, she did not have any dedicate photographs of them since they were much younger.

Their dog, a golden Labradore had a gentle sweet nature and was getting on in years. In fact, as I recall, this dog had always been in these teenages life's.   

This shoot took place at McCarrs Creeek Reserve on Sydneys Northern Beaches, an approved off leash area for dogs. We at Northern Beaches Pet Photography use this area for late afternoon shoots as the light can be very special.

These photographs will be memories which will last forever.


Rocky the Bull Dog

Some dogs chase tennis balls or similar, not Rocky, his favourite is a large exercise ball. He chases the ball after it is thrown by his owner, and continually taps it with his head to keep it moving!


Rocky favourite play area is at the local Bayview Dog Park on Sydney's Northern Beaches, a great place for dog exercise. He is the only dog we have photographed who loves chasing these large balls.

Go Rocky!

Excellent Choice




I recently photographed this small 8month old Chihuahua male puppy at the local Northern Beaches dog park.


The female owner of this dog was not so young and actually described herself as “no spring chicken”

She always has had larger more active dogs all her life, and was aware of the amount of exercise required for these dogs to be fit and healthy and happy.

Rightly so, she decided that the exercise required for a smaller dog was something she could handle now and into the future.

She also explained this breed has a short coat, unlike some other breeds with longer coats, Maltese Terriers etc, again less grooming and easier to search for the dreaded ticks.

Although not an immediate concern for this lady, down the track she probably will move house , perhaps into a smaller apartment, another plus for a small dog.


This owner has been very wise in her choice of canine companion, and we at Northern Beaches Pet Photography think these sort of questions should be asked of all those considering a new pet.



Charlie The Cavoodle

Charlie is now 8months old, I previously photographed him when he was only 9weeks old (see earlier blog post Jan 30 2016)

Looking forward to documenting him at different stages of his life for his family.