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Scotland Island to Church Point Dog Race

On Christmas Eve each year, since 1974 or even earlier, a dog swimming race takes place across the bay from Scotland Island to Church Point Wharf. The distance is approx. 600 mts on flat water.

dog race-northern beaches pet photographer

Adding to the excitement of the 2016 event, a thunder storm passed over, just as the race finished. However this did not deter the hundreds of spectators who turned out to watch this Christmas Eve ritual.

All the dogs entered swim next to or nearby their owners, who paddle on surfboards, swim or paddle in canoes or similar next to their dog. Some dogs on leash, most not.  Should the dogs need a rest the handlers are close by. There are different divisions for large, medium and small dogs. Entry is via a can of dog food or bottle of beer, as you may well see its all very ' Low Key ' with Fun the main attraction.

 Below is a great short YouTube video of this years race,  

 Credit for the video, creator "pittwaterpathways"

Being Christmas Eve there is a genuine happy and relaxed atmosphere amougst the hundres of spectators and competitors.

This years overall winner was Hugo the dog with Ed his owner. They were both from Melbourne , and staying on the Northern Beaches visiting family during Christmas.  No rule says you need to be a local to enter!

dog race winners 2016.jpg

2016 Winners

A great local event, still mages by  Northern Beaches Pet Photography.  


Printing and framing Pictures

northern beaches pet photography

I recently read an article on the virtues of printing photographs, especially digital images. In years to come who knows what will happen to all those digital images stored on phones and tablets . Hanging framed prints on the wall, for you and your family to admire, seems to be missing in todays digital age. We at Northern Beaches Pet Photography encourage printing of photographs. 

Below I have reproduced part of this article,written by Brady Cabe and published on


1) It makes you a better editor

When you print a photo and hold it in your hands, you start to notice details that maybe you didn’t on your computer or phone screen—particularly if your screen could use a cleaning like mine.

Dust spots in your sky do not make for an attractive printed image. You start realising the benefit of zooming in close and panning around your image to inspect for problem areas. You start paying closer attention to your histogram, and so on.

2) It makes you a better photographer

When you print, especially big, all technical issues with your photographs will be amplified. Displaying photos on Instagram gives us a lot of leeway, and sometimes we brush things off. Tiny screens don’t allow for all the detail to be revealed. Sometimes the detail is beautiful and sometimes it’s problematic—either way, it’s going to show in the print.

The next time you pick up your camera, you’ll be thinking “let’s get this right in-camera.” Because let’s face it, fixing your problems later in software is not always easy, sometimes is not possible, and it’s just lazy photography (we’ve all done it!)

3) It inspires you

Printing a photo, after careful selection, releases endorphins. I’m sure of it. All science aside, it makes me smile. It makes me want to go out and create more images that I can print large and be proud of.

Shoot, edit, print, repeat—that’s a new cycle for me.

4) It makes you revisit old photos

Particularly if you’re just getting into printing and you have a huge catalog of images, it’s a lot of fun to go back into the archives. When you stumble upon a gem from 5 years ago and finally print it out, its satisfying.

You begin to rediscover locations you’ve since neglected, and it gets the wheels turning—see “it inspires you,” above

5) It brings your photos to life – forever

Before I started printing, this is what I did with my photos: take the photos, edit photos, post to Facebook, Instagram, whatever, maybe blog it, and then poof: the images just went into oblivion with the occasional online or art show print sale.

That’s a lot of hard work, patience, and going out time after time chasing the sun and finally getting that perfect sunset at the perfect spot, just to let it sit on a hard drive. Print that baby out.

6) It’s ultimately satisfying

This point echoes what I’ve been saying throughout this post. Seeing all of your hard work and dedication printed on beautiful paper just feels good. It’s almost becoming an addiction for me… What can I print next? It’s just so much fun.

These are tangible things you can give to relatives, or hang on your wall. We see pixels all day. We should be seeing prints!


Photographs are Memories that Last Forever