This is the Blog Page on the Northern Beaches Pet photography web site , Posts are pet related.  This web site is in Sydney, Australia and caters pet photography on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and surrounds


So what is a Photofilm?

Its a film, telling a story, using still photographs along with sound, music, voice and text.

It's something new we at Northern Beaches Pet Photography have added for our customers, and it's proving very popular. Telling your story, about you and your pet, as we take photographs in a natural outdoor environment.

Yes there is sand, mud, splashing water, digging, running, barking, playing with other pets. Having lots of fun...just like any other exercise day you and your pet enjoy.  We are there to record it all in a documentry style and professionally produce your own personal story as a Photofilm.  

Yours to keep, as a memory which will last forever.

Below is a example of a recent Photoflm. "Pete & Logan"


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