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Rowland Reserve Dog Park

rowland reserve

Rowland Reserve, on Sydney's Northern Beaches is one of Pittwaters Councils approved “Off Leash” exercise areas for dogs. It is located approx. 1km west from Pittwatter High School, along Pittwater Rd, Bayview

This area offers both grassed parkland, a sandy beach and also safe swimming in the bay for dogs and owners. I think this is one of the best “doggy parks “ on the Northern Beaches.

And as a bonus there is Free Parking (limited to 1 hour) when using the facility with your dogs. Fresh drinking water and “poop bags” are also supplied.

The area can become very crowded on weekends, mainly mornings and afternoons.

Most the dogs I have come across seem to be non aggressive towards other dogs and strangers, although I am sure there are some minor “disputes”.

If any dog owners know that there dog is aggressive in any way, please do not take your pet to a crowded off leash dog park, unless you keep it on a leash and under strict control.

Low tide offers more of the sandy beach, and the entry into the water is very gradual before the deeper water is encounted. Perfect for all different sizes of pets.

On the Rescourses Page, which is located on the navigation bar of my web site, there is are two PDF documents showing all the approved “off leash” dog parks for both the Pittwater and Warringah Council areas. These parks offer great fun and exercise for dogs.