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Amber's Story


This is a story about Amber a "tri-pawd" Labrador, it was written by her Northern Beaches owner who details the trials and tribulations of how and why Amber now has only 3 legs.   This story is from the heart, and the bond between the owner and her dog can be clearly seen in her words.

Proudly introducing Amber - a furry girl from Old Blighty who joined us on our Australian adventures.

No you haven’t miscounted, Amber is a tri-pawd and here’s her story of how she went from 4 to 3 legs ….

After a couple of months of worsening lameness and countless tests (& vets bills) we received the heartbreaking news that our girl had got a nerve sheath tumour. The bottom of my world literally felt like it had dropped out and I sobbed until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I consider myself lucky to have never experienced grief like that until that day but guess its all part of the love we have for our companions.

More tests were carried out during the days which followed and although daily routines were followed, I felt like a bystander, as if everything was happening around me but I wasn’t part of it. I know it may sound dramatic but my heart was well and truly broken.

The vets offered us two options but only one viable one in our eyes – for all that Amber has given us over the years we owe it to her to give her a chance, so in June 2014, shortly after her 7th birthday, her right hind leg was amputated.

Gone was the pain caused by the cancer but new challenges lay ahead for all of us.

The first couple of weeks was awful , I felt like a new Mum again not knowing if you’re doing the right thing, the right way at the right time but we were all amazed at how well Amber progressed with lots of TLC and of course medication.

We all have our off days but generally speaking since her surgery, our girl has gone from strength to strength and proud doesn’t even come close to how we all feel about her. My heart feels so full it could pop sometimes – like the first time she went swimming, I wanted to tell the whole world!

We re-tell Amber’s story to the now countless many that are intrigued and amazed by her and Amber has reached somewhat of a celebrity status around the local dog parks!

That said, not all share our thought pattern or agree with the choice we made but who are they to judge – they share a snippet of our life, those glimpsing few seconds as we ‘hop’ by. We never judge them but it does make us hold our heads up that little bit higher 

All emotion aside, as we see it, the pain has gone and Amber gets to have another go at life. Albeit a little different but we still go for walks, she chases balls, jumps on the couch and does all the usual doggy things.

Our girl continues to love unconditionally and we continue to learn from her.

If you or you know of someone who is going through a similar situation who could may be benefit from a supportive shoulder or a listening ear, please feel free leave some details in the Comments Below or email us at and we will connect you to Ambers owners.