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So what is a Photofilm?

Its a film, telling a story, using still photographs along with sound, music, voice and text.

It's something new we at Northern Beaches Pet Photography have added for our customers, and it's proving very popular. Telling your story, about you and your pet, as we take photographs in a natural outdoor environment.

Yes there is sand, mud, splashing water, digging, running, barking, playing with other pets. Having lots of fun...just like any other exercise day you and your pet enjoy.  We are there to record it all in a documentry style and professionally produce your own personal story as a Photofilm.  

Yours to keep, as a memory which will last forever.

Below is a example of a recent Photoflm. "Pete & Logan"


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Scotland Island to Church Point Dog Race

On Christmas Eve each year, since 1974 or even earlier, a dog swimming race takes place across the bay from Scotland Island to Church Point Wharf. The distance is approx. 600 mts on flat water.

dog race-northern beaches pet photographer

Adding to the excitement of the 2016 event, a thunder storm passed over, just as the race finished. However this did not deter the hundreds of spectators who turned out to watch this Christmas Eve ritual.

All the dogs entered swim next to or nearby their owners, who paddle on surfboards, swim or paddle in canoes or similar next to their dog. Some dogs on leash, most not.  Should the dogs need a rest the handlers are close by. There are different divisions for large, medium and small dogs. Entry is via a can of dog food or bottle of beer, as you may well see its all very ' Low Key ' with Fun the main attraction.

 Below is a great short YouTube video of this years race,  

 Credit for the video, creator "pittwaterpathways"

Being Christmas Eve there is a genuine happy and relaxed atmosphere amougst the hundres of spectators and competitors.

This years overall winner was Hugo the dog with Ed his owner. They were both from Melbourne , and staying on the Northern Beaches visiting family during Christmas.  No rule says you need to be a local to enter!

dog race winners 2016.jpg

2016 Winners

A great local event, still mages by  Northern Beaches Pet Photography.  


Rocky the Bull Dog

Some dogs chase tennis balls or similar, not Rocky, his favourite is a large exercise ball. He chases the ball after it is thrown by his owner, and continually taps it with his head to keep it moving!


Rocky favourite play area is at the local Bayview Dog Park on Sydney's Northern Beaches, a great place for dog exercise. He is the only dog we have photographed who loves chasing these large balls.

Go Rocky!